What We Do

With experience that goes back to the early days of Virtual Reality technology and covers several decades of continuing work in this field, the All These Worlds team can envision innovative solutions for all your immersive experience needs. We excel in conceptualizing and implementing novel approaches. We are proficient in programming, scripting, connecting all types of sensor technology to virtual worlds, implementing instructional design, and weaving strong emotions and engaging narratives into our applications. We are also skilled in incorporating social media and mobile applications as part of a total solution for our clients. In addition, we have in-worlds tools that can capture detailed data on each participant.

From working with experts to bring a fully functioning Mindfulness-Based Stress Relief program into the virtual world, to creating conversational avatar guides to orient visitors to the environment, we have worked with academic, military and medical partners. We are especially excited about our work creating a prototype virtual world ecosystem for space travel that can provide asynchronous yet connected activities for long duration space missions where comm delays can be up to 40 minutes. This solution helps to address the psychological challenges that future astronauts may encounter during trips to asteroids or Mars. (See the research page for publications on this effort)

Virtual Reality provides affordances for a range of human-centric applications. From personal immersive activities like Mindfulness training to socially connected Virtual Worlds, these are are tomorrow’s future proof realities in which we will live, dream, work and play. We will inhabit these with avatars—our personal representations of our dreams and ideals. These environments are accessible, flexible, cognitively and emotionally real, and require only imagination and habitation to make life-changing experiences possible.

About the name All These Worlds, LLC
In the year 2001, founder Jacquelyn Ford Morie conceived of and moderated a panel for the ACM SIGGRAPH Conference called 2001 in 2001. It brought together people with a strong connection to the groundbreaking film, Stanley Kubrick?s 2001: A Space Odyssey, including Syd Mead, Robert Abel, Peter Hyams and Dennis Murin. As a thank you gift, each participant was presented with a small glass globe (the company logo) and the reminder from the 2010: Odyssey Two sequel film that “All these worlds are yours.” The company name came from this event, in which these creative giants charged and inspired the audience to go out and create the future. That is our mission.